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Restoration of a Series IIA Land Rover Carawagon

This 1969 Series IIA Carawagon built by R J Searle Ltd was originally based in the UK, but its current owner and restorationist uses the vehicle in southern Ireland.

Searle Carawagons were produced for both private market and for the military (often used by officers as mobile command posts).

Most of the main body has been replaced by the current owner and the chassis repaired and painted. Work has continued on the vehicle intermittently over the past 8 years to the present day. The owner has carried out major replacement to the interior wooden fitments and these are both described and illustrated on the owner's website . The owner has not attempted to restore the vehicle to original authentic condition, but has opted to modify it to suit his particular needs. One such modification is the fitting of a 2.5 LDV 400 diesel engine. Another modification is a purpose-built split charge system with a booster charge socket for ease of charging the added leisure battery.

The owner's website is worth a visit to really appreciate what has been achieved from the incomplete Series IIA Land Rover originally acquired in 2002. There are also lots of informative records of the work carried out. Worth a visit.

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About 5,000 Series II Forward Controls were built.


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