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Land Rover Accessories: Offroad Page


Plasma™ Winch Line and Winch Extension rope is one of the newest and most significant inventions ever made in rope manufacturing.
Plasma™ is specially designed for winching and for wire cable replacement.
Plasma™ winch line is 25% to 40% stronger than wire cable and is only 1/7th the weight of same size wire cable.

Plasma rope winch replacement and winch extension kits. Stronger than steel!

This is a very unique niche product. Benefits of this HMPE rope is:- * Enhanced Safety (very little snapback if the line breaks) * Floats On Water * Compact,easily spliced with no kinks or curls. * Lightweight. (70% lighter than wire rope) * Unaffected by crushing or trapping on the winch drum


Below is a live feed from Ebay Australia.
It may take a few seconds to load.


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