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Points to be Aware of Before Re-wiring

Whilst a Series Land Rover can completely re-wired using off the roll wiring and fixing your own terminals and connectors, it is much easier and saves hugely on time by buying a complete or partial new wiring loom. They are available from several suppliers.

If you do go through the commercial loom route then think carefully if you have modified any electrical components in your Series Land Rover. A commercial re-wiring loom will have been based on the Land Rover's original wiring specifications. If you, or a previous owner, have changed a Series IIA dynamo for an alternator and upgraded the alternator wiring as should have been done then a new Series IIA loom for your vehicle is NOT what you need. A better option would be to go for the Series 3 loom which has higher rated feed wire for the alternator.
If you have an alternator fitted and it has a yellow feed wire coming from it was probably previously fitted with a dynamo (generator) and the wiring is not of sufficient current capacity.

Similarly if additional lighting has been fitted and wired in correctly with higher spec wire, then the new loom will need to be modified to the same specifications.

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