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Land Rover
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There are currently 6 publications pages. This page focusses upon publications related to expedition preparation and general off road activites. Scroll down to view the publications.

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Land Rover

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The Impossible Takes a Little Longer
This is a true account of an incredible journey across the world, driving a Land Rover. The year is 1957, and the intrepid Eric Edis has an expedition planned on scraps of paper. Burma was in the grip of conflict, and would not grant land-travel visas to anyone, it was too dangerous. Eric decides to cross that bridge when he comes to it, twice! How do his team get through Burma? Well, on a wing and a prayer mostly, and with an illegal manoeuvre that would make James Bond proud! London to Australia…and back again.
Quiet for a Tuesday: Solo in the Algerian Sahara
By Tom Sheppard
. a must-have for anyone contemplating taking their vehicle off road... packed with no-nonsense tips and very practical advice gleaned from over 30 years of 4X4 ownership... the accompanying supplement takes us through the seeming myriad of 4X4 systems, not just those of Land Rover, and cuts away the marketing-speak to reveal the truth.... this upgrade gives you the opportunity to get one of the finest 4X4 books yet written.' (Land Rover Monthly, UK)

First Overland: London-Singapore by Land Rover

# 232 pages (September 27, 2005) # Publisher: Signal Books Ltd Why not? After all, no-one had ever done it before. It would be one of the longest of all overland journeys half-way round the world, from the English Channel to Singapore. They knew that several expeditions had already tried it. Some had got as far as the deserts of Persia; a few had even reached the plains of India. But no-one had managed to go on from there: over the jungle-clad mountains of Assam and across northern Burma to Thailand and Malaya. Over the last 3,000 miles it seemed there were "just too many rivers and too few roads". But no-one really knew... In fact, their problems began much earlier than that. As mere undergraduates, they had no money, no cars, no nothing. But with a cool audacity, which was to become characteristic, they set to work wheedling and cajoling. First, they coaxed the BBC to come up with some film for a possible TV series. Then they gently "persuaded" Rovers to lend them two factory-fresh Land Rovers. A publisher was even sweet-talked into giving them an advance on a book. By the time they were ready to go, their sponsors (more than 80 of them) ranged from whiskey distillers to the makers of collapsible buckets. In late 1955, they set off. Seven months and 12,000 miles later, two very weary Land Rovers, escorted by police outriders, rolled into Singapore to flash-bulbs and champagne. Now, fifty years on, their bestselling book, First Overland, is republished with an introduction by Sir David Attenborough. After all, it was he who gave them that film.
Gypsy Doctor
Pub 1963 by Robert hale Ltd.
Tells the story of the longest caravan journey ever undetaken by a woman. Dr Carnegie set off for India with a Series I Land Rover towing her 22ft caravan full of medical supplies to treat the sick in remote areas. Two and a half years and 13 countries later she had treated hundreds of sick and injured people. It is a story of personal courage, endurance and Land Rover accomplishment.
This book is out of print. Use the search box to locate copies in secondhand bookshops in the UK
Earth,my friend
Hodder & Stoughton, 1959, 350 pages.
The story of an 18 month around the world trip in a 1956 Series I Land Rover. Undertaken solo by group captain Peter Townsend shortly after the announcement that he and Princess Margaret would not marry.
The details of the journey were planned with military precision but nothing could prepare him for the difficult terrain of the drive through Burma along what remained of the infamous Ledo Road. This is a personal story of the achievement of a goal to circumnavigate the Earth, whilst evading the attentions of the international press.
This book is out of print. Use the search box to locate copies in secondhand bookshops in the UK

Chasing Rainbows: A Journey Round the Southern Hemisphere by Land Rover Discovery

by Peter and Eileen Crichton. Hardcover 236 pages (March 2005) # Publisher: Arabian Visions
A single vehicle journey through Australia, South America and North Africa. 64 Colour plates. Helpful sections on vehicle praparation, journey planning, shipping by container............................

Working in the Wild: Land Rover's Manual...

Where the Trails Run Out by John Blashford-Snell
# Hardcover 267 pages (September 9, 1974) # Publisher: Hutchinson # ISBN: 0091213606
Covering several international expeditions involving Land Rovers in detail, including the 1972 Darien Gap expedition.




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Four Wheels and Frontiers: 13, 000 Miles of Overland Adventure - A Unique Jeep Journey Singapore to England
# Hardcover 250 pages (October 2004) # Publisher: Ulric Publishing

In February 1958 Roy Follows and Noel Dudgeon bought an ex-army Willys Jeep from a scrap yard near Singapore. They then proceeded to become the first to drive continuously overland from Singapore to London. An adventure story of human ingenuity. The book details travel plans, spares and equipment (e.g."Soap: For bartering - a small amount for own use").

Driving Abroad: Skills, Advice, Safety,... 224 pages (April 2004). Publisher: Haynes Group

This handbook - recommended by the Institute of Advanced Motorists - contains all the information a driver needs when going abroad, whether in their own car or hiring a car in another country. Presented in a colourful, easy-to-follow format, it includes details on local rules and regulations, driving techniques, car preparation, documents, insurance and road safety. An extensive section gives country-by-country advice for Europe, North America and Australasia, as well as more general information for Asia, Africa and Central America. For the second edition, this section has been enhanced with extra information on driving conditions in each country, translations of useful motoring words and phrases and diagrams of local road signs and their meanings. The book includes: local motoring rules and regulations; driving techniques; preparing your car, plus documents and insurance; hiring a car; extreme weather conditions and emergencies; national driving guides for countries; key motoring words and phrases translated into other languages.


A High in the Andes: Taking part in the... Hardcover 330 pages (January 24, 2003). Publisher: Wyntok Ltd

Vic Quayle and his wife Pam took their 4x4 over to South America to participate in the trip of a lifetime - the Inca Trail Rally. They were not disappointed. One of the longest ever held, the rally traversed Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay at heights of up to 16,500 feet.

Sahara Overland, 2nd Edition: A Route and Planning Guide
A handbook to understanding and exploring the Sahara Desert, this volume features 50 detailed itineraries covering over 15,000 miles in nine countries - Morocco, Mauritiana, Libya, Mali, Tunisia, ALgeria, Niger, Chad and Egypt. A section on travelling by camel is included.

SAS: Desert Survival (SAS Essential...

Paperback 160 pages (August 9, 2001) # Publisher: Virgin Books

The Special Air Service operates worldwide, often in remote and hostile locations where nature poses as much of a hazard as any enemy. In order to stay alive and complete their missions, SAS personnel are rigorously trained in the art of survival. This book is based on SAS training and techniques. ...


Africa Overland (Bradt Travel Guides S.)
Paperback 305 pages (July 10, 2005). Publisher: BRADT Travel Guides

Exploring Africa independently on your own set of wheels is an increasingly popular way of seeing this massive and varied continent. With this fourth edition of Africa Overland, our most informative to date, travellers can plan their own trip or seek out the best of the overland expeditions.


Africa by Road:...

Paperback 304 pages (January 25, 2001) # Publisher: BRADT Travel Guides

Covering all countries in Africa, this guide offers comprehensive planning and preparation advice including buying a vehicle, route maps, border crossings and safety whilst on the road. It aims to guide drivers, motorcyclists and mountain bikers throughout Africa, providing a succinct profile of...

The Desert Driver's Manual by Jim Stabler. Spiral bound paperback, 65 pages. A handbook for anyone planning to drive in a desert environment. Jim Stabler looks at how to: plan ahead; assemble your equipment; navigate day and night; handle your vehicle; check your vehicle; select your camping site; know your vehicle; and extricate your vehicle.

Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide paperback, Desert Winds, 2003, 500+ pages by Tom Sheppard.

"This is a carefully thought-out and written guide to using a 4x4 as a base for expeditions in arduous terrain. It is endorsed by the Royal Geographical Society and written by one of Britain's foremost desert and overland explorers, Squadron Leader Tom Sheppard. It has been written to update and further his first (now hard to find) volume of the same title; it also includes some information from his Royal Geographical Society pamphlet on Desert Expeditions. Much of the content of the former is reproduced however there are notable updates which make it very much worth buying. Whether you are travelling to mountain, desert or jungle environments with your 4x4 this is required reading. It is extremely comprehensive and authoritative and written with an understated, eloquent style that is sadly lacking in many outdoor books today. If you are contemplating an overland trip or the equipping of a vehicle for such, this is the only book you will need to buy. "


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