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There are currently 6 publications pages. This page is focussed upon Land Rover and 4WD books

Essential Buyer's Guide Series I,II & IIA

Having this book in your pocket is just like having a real marque expert by your side. Benefit from the author’s years of Land Rover ownership, learn how to spot a bad vehicle quickly and how to assess a promising one like a professional. Get the right vehicle at the right price!

Illustrated with 100+ photos and written to also serve as an owner's reference of vunerable points to monitor.

Children's Land Rover Books

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Land Rover Series I-III: Your expert guide to common problems & how to fix them (Auto-Doc Series)
A compact but comprehensive troubleshooter and guide to the Series I, II & III Land Rovers. This book identifies the most common problems encountered with Series Land Rovers, from engine noises to suspension issues, and provides quick, often innovative roadside repairs to get you moving again, together with thorough advice on more expensive repairs. Covering most civilian models, including both gasoline and diesel engines, this is an essential book for Land Rover drivers.

Now out of print but available as a an E-book.

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Land Rover Series III Specification Guide by James Taylor

The book follows it predecessor, Land Rover Series II and IIA Specification Guide, in trying to establish how its subject vehicles would have been when they were new. Compiled over a period of more than thirty years, the book draws on extensive reference material from Land Rover itself, and on the observations and knowledge of an army of enthusiasts. The complete specification guide to Series III Land Rovers, produced from 1971 to 1985 covers:Vehicle identification and specification changes.Options on standard models and special equipment.Conversions and Forward Control models.Overseas models and markets.Military and Lightweight models.
Land Rover Scrapbook (Original Scrapbook)

The Land Rover Scrapbook" celebrates the British motor industry's most enduring brand as it enters its Diamond Anniversary year. The work employs a fusion of product information, company records, personal memorabilia and design ephemera, much of it published for the first time...........
Land Rover: 60 Years of the 4x4 Workhorse
The Land Rover has become an icon right across the world, famed for its classic design, its practicality and its longevity - the direct ancestors of the first Land Rover of 1948 are still being produced as the 'Defender'. Its sixty years of development are lovingly and accurately charted in this most comprehensive of all Land Rover books, the first one ever to look at the total story.
Land Rover: 60 Years of Adventure
The 60th Anniversary of Land Rover occurs in 2008. The original Series 1 Land Rover was unveiled in 1948 and the utilitarian Defender models are still instantly recognisable as relatives of the original.
This beautifully produced book tells the full story of all Land Rover models through a wealth of stunning color images, many previously unpublished.
Land Rover: The Incomparable 4x4 from Series 1 to Defender (Ludvigsen Library Series)

One of the world's most versatile and engaging vehicles is celebrated in this Ludvigsen Library book. Conceived by Maurice Wilks of the Rover Motor Company as Britain's answer to the ubiquitous Jeep, the Land-Rover made its bow in 1948. In accord with Wilk's desires it was more versatile than the Jeep, making it the ideal farming and countryside vehicle — perhaps the first-ever sport-utility. An explosion of different body styles and wheelbase lengths soon enriched the range of this popular off-roader, as did diesel and even V-8 engines. The Series 2 version was introduced in 1958 and the Series 3 in 1971. Special forward-control and military versions only increased the range of tasks this amazing vehicle could accomplish. The original Land-Rover rolls on into the 21st Century, now styled as the Defender. Rare and original photos from the Ludvigsen Library and Marshall of Cambridge depict the evolution of this globe-girdling 4x4 over half a century, amplified by an introduction by ""Landie"" expert Paul Woods.
MILITARY LAND ROVER: Development and in Service

During World War II, and particularly after the USAs entry into the conflict, the military exploited to the maximum the potential of the 4x4 for staff transport and rapid forward movement. The US-manufactured Jeep (derived from GP for general purpose) set the standard for this type of vehicle and there was no directly comparable British-designed and built model until the launch in 1947 of the Land Rover. The original purpose of the Land Rover was two-fold: to earn significant export sales and to provide the British armed forces with a locally-built 4x4 vehicle. In the 60 years since the Land Rover was first produced its market has expanded considerably, becoming both an essential vehicle for those who require its remarkable off-road capabilities and through the Range Rover and other developments, a popular model for personal use. However, the Land Rover remains an essential part of the equipment used by Britain's armed forces. It has served in

The 4X4 Book: The Essential Guide to Buying,Owning,Enjoying and Maintaining

Hardcover: 176 pages * Publisher: Haynes Publishing (July 15, 2006)
In the past ten years, 4x4s have evolved from somewhat agricultural vehicles used primarily as workhorses, and have carved out their own market niche as mainstream, everyday means of transport. This extensively illustrated book provides a complete introduction to the world of 4x4s, with practical advice on how to choose the most suitable vehicle, and what to expect when running a 4x4, as well as guidance on off-road driving techniques, towing and maintenance. Essential reading for anyone contemplating ownership of their first 4x4, and for existing owners who want to maximise their enjoyment of 4x4 ownership.

Four-Wheeler's Bible

The 224-page book covers everthing you need to know before, during and after 4-wheeling. Topics include: attitudes and ethics, preparation, emergencies, beginner to advanced mechanics, tires, traction, vehicle modifications, tools, equipment, recovery techniques, navigation and much more. In his unique, tongue-in-cheek style, Allen talks about testosterone poisoning, Chop Suey Mud, vehicular hemorrhages, the battle for traction, what's the diff, manhandling, and the winching hall of shame. You'll learn such things as when anti-lock brakes are dangerous, what to do when a spotter holds up two clenched fists, how to safely step over a winch cable and how to avoid embarrassment by having that one piece of equipment every 4x4 should have.


Hybrid Land Rovers: The Ultimate Home-Made 4X4s for Recreation and Motorsport by Alan Kidd and Tony Parrot. 96 pages Aug 2000

Home-made 4x4's for recreational use. The featured cars will give you a wealth of ideas of your own. Well written and gloriously illustrated, this is a great book and reasonably priced too.

Sahara Overland - A Route & Planning Guide Trail Blazer publications. Paperback. Chris Scott provides an exhaustive account of the subject in a no-nonsense style intended for first time desert travellers plus detailed routes descriptions (complete with GPS waypoints) which would be useful for anyone. There is no english language publication to compare. Subjects covered include vehicles & equipment required, visa and document requirements, driving tips, how to avoid and deal with emergencies, and suggested itineraries.
Off-Roader Driving by Tom Sheppard, Desert Winds. Review by Off-Roader ' ..a treasure-trove of off-road driving techniques .. superbly illustrated in colour ... a great present for anyone who owns or drives a four-wheel drive, or those who regularly venture off the beaten track in search of driving challenges and excitement.'
The Off-Road 4-Wheel Drive Book:... 200 pages, hardback, March 1999. Jack Jackson With 30 years of experience of using four-wheel drive machines on expeditions to all parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, the Middle and Far East, the Himalayas, Iceland and Greenland, Jack Jackson explains what to look for and which vehicles are best for which terrains and conditions. The book describes the most commonly available passenger-carrying 4WD vehicles an their accessories. It features driving in , and recovering from hostile environments including sand, mud, water, snow and ice. It also gives advice on planning expeditions, with survival techniques, common problems and emergency field repairs; useful equipment, and information on engines, brakes, tyres and suspension. There are also contact addresses for clubs and suppliers.
4-Wheel Freedom: The Art of Off-Road... by Brad Delong; Paladin Press, October 1996, 176 pages. Whether you're thinking about buying a 4-wheel drive vehicle or are already an experienced 4WDer, there is something in this complete guide for you. Learn how to drive on snow, ice, rocks, mud and hills, plus how to choose and use off-road tires, winches and other specialty gear. Every 4WD owner should own this handy book.
Off-Road Recovery Techniques: A... by Nick Cole, Motorbooks International. Nov 1996, 72 pages. Contains some good information and some nice diagrams. If you're intrested in exactly how much force (ie 4000 Newtons this way, 3500 this way...) then this book will provide you with this info. The physics of towing, lifting, bridging, and pullies are all covered and explained well. Tables of tensile strength constants and numerious equations put all the nessecary info at your figertips.  
The Golden Age of Discovery by John Hemming. Pavilion Books, 190 pages, hardback, Sept 2000. Issued in conjunction with Land Rover's 50th anniversary. Describing the dnagers, hardships and experience expditions have had over the years with Land Rovers to give them support.
Land Rover
Fiction. A book about development and emergency relief, nomads, Northern Kenya and, of course, the Land Rover Series II. About the Author Matthijs de Vreede is a Dutch specialist in development communication. He spent a long time in Africa and presently lives in Amsterdam. Paperback (September 1999) Xlibris Corp.; ISBN: 0738811211
Land Rover: The Original 4 X 4 (Complete... Story Series) by John Tipler. Pub by Crowood Press, hardcover, Dec 1996



Four-Wheel Drive & Land Rover by Nick Baldwin. 32 pages 3rd Ed (25 May, 2001) Shire Publications Ltd. A comprehensive but brief history of 4WD dating from the First World War through to the Freelander.

Land Rover: The Unbeatable 4 X 4 by K. Slavin et al, Mar 1999, 328 pages, hardcover.

A reference book more than it is a "coffee table" or casual enthusiast's book. The entire book is printed on high quality, heavy paper in black & white. An approx. 20 page full color spread is included in the center of the book.



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