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The True Story


Roberto was in Marajo Island, in the far North of Brazil, and rented a 4X4..

He was very disappointed, when a LandBuffalo vehicle parked close to him

He then visited the LandBuffalo dealership..

Roberto soon got a hold of both models, the LHS (long horn special)

and the SRH (short round horn)...

Both have permanent 4 wheel drive, hill descent control, low fuel consumption and are easy to park!

The auto-cleaning body is incredible...

as are the driving position and visibility

although braking is an effort!


Vegetarians........ proceed with caution


Vegans here [webmaster]




As a bonus, some models produce cheese...




and you can also bake your vehicle in the oven...

and eat it with pumpkin and peas!

Now you understand Roberto's choice:

---The LandBuffalo 4X4!---


Thanks to Roberto Hirth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for this story.

You can see something of Roberto's commitment to Series 1 restoration by visiting the archives.

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