Land Rover Series 1, 2 & 3
Marriage and Divorce in the Tropics

Lady One when I first met her: born on April 23rd, 1951 and showing her age.

She was married to a high-ranking American military officer, General Motors.

The General, however, was not fulfilling his marital duties anymore...

The arrival of a cousin, Eugene Rover, reminded Lady One of the childhood days as a CKD in Solihull. Eugene Rover, in a coma since 1978, now felt as strong as when he was young!

Lady One divorced the General and conviced her father, the Shah Assis, to accept Eugene Rover in the family. The Box cousins, Mrs. Gear and Mrs. Steering, were very happy with the arrangement.

Lady One then decided to strip down to her Birmabright...

...and undergo plastic surgery, for which Brazilian doctors are renowned for.

We are all hoping for a happy ending!

Thanks to Roberto Hirth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for this contribution.

You can see something of Roberto's commitment to Series 1 restoration by visiting the archives.

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