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Removing the Cooling Fan From a Series Land Rover

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November weather has arrived now in the UK and the 'heaters' in Series Land Rovers will need to be earning their keep before long. If your vehicle is used mainly for short journeys during the winter then you could be almost back home before you feel the benefit of some warmth from the heater. Some owners fit commercial radiator blinds to restrict air flow through the radiator, or improvise their own version of one. Problem is, that the powerful cooling fan is still there, dragging cold air through the radiator.

A more user-friendly option, for the Series Land Rover owner, is to remove the mechanical fan and fit an electrical one infront of the radiator. The engine will run hotter and therefore more efficiently. Fuel will be saved as it is now not required to drive that big fan. Most of the time it isn't required anyway. Even in the summer months, the engine usually stays cool enough by natural air flow, until you come to a traffic jam, are driving in a hilly region or carrying heavy loads. It's in these circumstances that the electric fan is required for backup. Even then, it is noticeable that the fan's thermostat will only switch it on for a few minutes at a time, before 'normal' coolant temperature is restored.

Having removed the mechanical fan it does no harm to carry it. Should problems arise, either with the electrical substitute or with the environment, you can easily re-fit it. It stores quite conveniently inside the wing near the bulkhead for Series I or II Land Rover. For Series III the more efficient heater gets in the way!

Series Land Rover fan pulley

Series Land Rover fanbelt

With the engine and cooling system running hotter, more stress is put onto the lubrication system. A slightly thicker oil may be advisable, if you are not using a multigrade. Oil seals and water hoses nearing the end of their life will age faster and old radiator seams will be tested more than previously.

Series Land Rover cooling fan

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