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Series Land Rover: Summary of Fault Diagnosis Exercises on
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Fault diagnosis on a Series Land Rover is an art as well as a science. It requires a calm rational mind, capable of clear thought. So if the problem occurs on the road then it is important to stay calm and think through the process of diagnosis carefully. Knowledge of course is a basic requirement. Several online forums are available where the solution may already be there just waiting to be found.
A fault diagnosis book is available in print or to download.

The archived articles linked to below, represent a range of theoretical problems whose diagnosis is discussed in a step-wise logical manner. It is intended that you should also attempt a diagnosis of the stated problem yourself as the details of the problem are gradually revealed.

The May 2015 UK homepage article attempts to provide a framework for an effective diagnostic process. Attention is given to such aspects as symptoms, vehicle history, multiple causes and recurring problems.

The June 2015 UK homepage presents a wheel fault diagnosis exercise in respect of a Series Land Rover. The problem under consideration is that a noise is heard from the front of the vehicle when in motion. Various tests are performed both off and on road and the results of those tests given as part of the process of narrowing down the cause of the noise.

The July 2015 UK homepage presents a cooling system fault diagnosis exercise for a Series Land Rover. The situations whereupon the cooling system becomes overheated are described. Various tests are performed and processes carried out in order to narrow down the underlying cause of the problem. When the cause is finally determined a cure is suggested.

The August 2015 UK homepage presents a petrol engine idling fault diagnosis exercise with respect to an uneven idling speed after start up. The engine also has a tendency to stall sometimes when the vehicle comes to a stop. A variety of electrical and fuel related possible causes are considered and eliminated gradually, until the final cause and remedy is found.

The September 2015 UK homepage presents a petrol engine starting problem. Various situations are described as to what affects the starting capability. A logical process is followed in narrowing down the cause of this problem. The final cause is suggested in the article and the investigative process in continued in the following months homepage.

The October 2015 UK homepage continues from the September homepage findings. It continues with an investigation of the reasons why engine vacuum is reduced.

The November 2015 UK homepage continues from the October homepage findings. It discusses in detail how a vacuum gauge can be used to identify a range of problems relating to engine performance.

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