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Links on this page to previous homepages which featured Series Land Rovers may describe details of vehicles that may now be under different ownership. If you are the current owner of one of the vehicles featured and would like to update us on the vehicle's activities then please contact us. Some original owners set up their own websites focussing on their vehicle. Some of these websites no longer exist however.

Visit the Dec 2004/Jan 2005 homepage
for a referral back to June 1997, when Giles Warham acquired this Series I Land Rover. He was able to trace ownership of the vehicle back to the original owner.

During Giles' ownership the engine was swapped from 2.25litre petrol to 2.25litre diesel and back to (a new) 2.25litre petrol.

Giles Warham's Series I

During his ownership, Giles opted for preservation rather than restoration.
Giles' website held a wealth of information and photos about 101's and Series Land Rovers but no longer appears to be online.

Visit the February 2005 UK homepage to see Pieter Fourie's 1955 Land Rover Series I. This vehicle started out as a pick-up but was shortened before Pieter acquired it.

Series I Land Rover

Further details on this Land Rover were available on Pieter's website but unfortunately it is no longer available.

Visit the April 2005 UK homepage to see how Roberto Hirth's Series I Land Rover was transformed from abandoned into a fully restored vehicle that was then officially awarded classic vehicle status in Rio de Janeiro. The vehicle was subsequently featured on the cover of a Land Rover Series I, II & IIA Essential Buyer's Guide

Unrestored Sereies Land Rover

Visit the Dec 2005/Jan 2006 UK homepage to learn about the late Barbara Toy's Series I Land Rover 'Pollyanna'. Over the course of 10 years she drove it extensively in the Middle East, North Africa and right around the globe. When Land Rover persuaded her to exchange her vehicle for the latest Series II model she was saddened to lose it. Eventually, whilst in her eighties, she regained ownership of her Series I and drove it around the globe again.

Several travelogues recount Barbara Toy's overland adventures with and without her favourite Land Rover.

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