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Steve Graham's 1970 Series III Diesel Land Rover

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This vehicle has an interesting history. It was the first right hand drive Series III Land Rover, as authenicated by its chassis number 00001a. It was built in 1970, one year before the series III was launched, and it was used for publicity shots by Land Rover using false plates. This was done because in March of 1971, when the photos were taken, the current registration number would have been a J reg and for the launch in October 1971 it would need to have a K reg. After the launch, this Series III hung around the Land Rover factory until May 1972 and it was finally registered and sold secondhand to a main agent in coventry, who sold it to a farmer in Nuneaton.

Since then it experienced a chain of six owners and a fair amount of abuse until Steve acquired it in Telford in 1995.

After taking over ownership of the vehicle Steve has given it a full restoration whilst taking care to preserve as many of the original parts as possible. The restoration was completed in 1997. It is a Series 3 Land Rover which is still running on its original chassis, powered by its original engine and sitting on its original axles. About 90% of the bodywork is also original.

Now restored, the vehicle is in the best of health and has travelled just over 30,000, entering various shows around Europe. It has been in many magazine articles and won many awards and even got best in show award one year at a Rover car show with over 250 cars entered.

Since Steve's restoration, the Land Rover has only needed a hub seal, a speedo cable, wiper blades and a head light apart from normal servicing.

It's a Series Land Rover that Steve has, understandably, become very attached to and has no intention of parting with in the future.

Thanks Steve

Series 3 Diesel Land Rover


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