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March 2009 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Scott Humphris' 1971 Ex Military Series IIA LWB Land Rover Pickup

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This very well presented Series Land Rover was on view at the Peterborough LRO show last year on the Series 2 Club stand. You may have seen it there. It was demobbed from the army in 1983 after 12 years service and its registration then changed from 32 FK 78 to an X plate reg.

Scott was bought the vehicle by his wife as a Xmas present for him to restore and for him and his boys to play in the mud. Sarah currently has a Td5 Disco!

They have tried to keep it looking the part of an ex military vehicle by painting it in sympathetic camouflage colours. However, they have added rock and tree sliders and a snorkel to withstand their modern day off roading! The wheels and tyres have also been beefed up to larger sizes - which meant having to find and fit suitable wheel spacers also.

As with many a Series Land Rover, the engine has been found by the owners to be lacking in the power department and the vehicle is currently in the process of being fitted out with the more powerful 200Tdi engine - a popular engine conversion amongst Series Land Rover owners.

A popular original acccessory fitment for the Series Land Rover was the PTO (Power Take-Off) winch. Sadly, the winch already fitted to the vehicle does not match up to the new 200Tdi engine being fitted so an alternative suitable electric winch is being sourced to replace it.

Thanks to Scott and Sarah

Military Series Land Rover

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