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November 2009 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Mick Forster's LWB SIII Land Rover

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Mick bought his 1972 Series III Safari Station Wagon in September 1988 with a clapped out engine. It was an ex-Electricity Board Land Rover. He rebuilt a secondhand 2.25 petrol engine and fitted that before he and his family went on holiday in it to the Isle of Man in the summer of 1989.
Mick had previously owned an 88" Land Rover but even with a trailer it seemed to be getting smaller as the three kids grew up. He had wanted a Land Rover Series 3 109" Safari for years and now that his dream had finally come true he was making the most of it.

In 1997 he took a family camping trip to Scotland and on his website Mick comments that the Land Rover Series 3 Safari was the only vehicle to go in.
Over the years however, the chassis on the Series 3 was showing serious signs of corrosion and the decision was made to replace the chassis. You can find details of this replacement on Mick's website.

Then, the development in the autogas technology had reached the point where it was economically viable to look into converting the Land Rover Series 3 109" Safari to run on LPG. So that conversion was organised. Again there are details of the installation on Mick's website.

Later on, a broken spring resulted in the purchase of parabolic springs and Mick notes that these have improved the ride on the Land Rover. However, I think his installation of Jaguar XJ6 seats has something to do with the ride also! No wonder the comfort level for long journeys has been transformed and it's now a joy to drive on a daily basis too.

In February 2007 the petrol tank started leaking so it was replaced..

At a nephew's wedding, the bride and groom had a Rolls Royce, but Mick reckons the Landy looked better!

In July 2009 the Landy passed the 21st MOT since Mick bought it .

Series III Land Rover


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