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February 2010 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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James Ferguson's 1975 Land Rover Series III (6 cyl)

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In August 2006 a friend of James decided it was time to get rid of his long term restoration project: a 6 cyl Series 3 109" that he had christened Gnu. He was struggling to sell it, so eventually James ended up being it's proud owner. Once James had taken delivery he crawled all over the vehicle and found that there wasn't actually very much that needed doing to get Gnu back onto the road. So he rebuilt the front swivel hubs, painted the chassis, removed the faulty free-wheeling hubs and gave her a much needed cosmetic paint job. Gnu passed her MoT first time with no problems. James used her for a few months, but then he decided that running two old Series Land-Rovers was too much effort and expense, so he felt that Gnu had to go. A friend of his who lives not far away wanted a big open top Series Land-Rover, so after a bit of negotiation James got a second hand hood which he fitted to Gnu - at which point his friend couldn't resist her and bought her off him. James still sees Gnu and occassionally gets to drive and maintain her.

You can find a lot to interest the Series Land Rover owner on Jame's website . There is a photo set on his website illustrating the removal of the head from Gnu's 6 cyl engine to repair a burnt out valve.

James has driven a 1956 Series I 88" from John O'Groats to Land's End and a Series III from the UK to Morocco and back. You can read the complete diaries of these journeys on his website (a testimony to what can be achieved in a supermarket carpark!). There is also a lot of information there about other Land Rovers James has owned and he has included useful details regarding repairs and modifications he has made to his Land Rovers over the years. Well worth a visit.

If you have a yearning for your own pupose built workshop/garage and have a piece of land available then you may also be interested in the construction details of Jame's homemade double garage/workshop facility (again a testimony to what can be achieved when the motivation grabs you).

A long time sufferer of Landroveritus, James named his two goldfish Ayteyate and Wunnonine (good one James!).

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