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Fitting a Steering Damper to a Series Land Rover

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The steering on a Series Land Rover has a notorious reputation for being sloppy. This fairly common state of affairs is usually due to earlier abuse of the system; a lot of heavy hauling on the steering wheel whilst crossing very rough terrain. So, if you are seriously offroading but not doing it on a time trial basis then go easy on steering system stress levels - use it, don't abuse it.

Fitting a steering damper to your Series Land Rover will reduce the rapid oscillations which the steering ball joints and swivel pins are subjected to offroad. These days, thanks to the plentiful potholes in UK roads after the recent winter, rapid steering oscillations can be expereinced onroad also.

Fitting the steering damper kit (part number RTC1133) is a straighforward job if no unexpected issues arise. Simply jack up the passenger side wheel and support the chassis on an axle stand. Use a ball joint separator to remove the two steering ball joints from the steering arm. Then replace the steering arm with the one from the kit. The arm from the kit comes with ball joints already attached and secured, but check first that the distance between ball joint centres is the same as the one you have just removed.

Remember also to use split pins to secure the balljoint nuts - they are not supplied in the kit.
Next, the shock absorber chassis mounting bracket needs to be bolted through the existing holes in the chassis. A replacement chassis is common on an early Series Land Rover but these should also have the damper bracket holes in situ. However, you may need to either enlarge the bracket holes or grind the bracket a little to get bolts aligned correctly through the replacement chassis. Simpy bolt the bracket onto the chassis then fit the damper between its supports. The fitting of a steeering damper does not affect wheel alignment as the track rod and associated balljoints are not affected. Note: you should still attempt to steer around those potholes when safe to do so!

Series Land Rover steering damper kit

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