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Series Land Rover and 4x4 Insurance UK (Information) - Page 1

From June 20th 2011 it has been illegal to have a road taxed Land Rover which is not insured. If you cancel your insurance temporarily then you must also surrender the tax disc (even if it's free) and declare SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) to the DVLA.

Land Rover insurance
Lancaster are now offering a NEW Online Insurance Quote specifically catering to Land Rover owners. It offers comprehensive and third party fire and theft cover. Modified vehicles can be covered, as can off roading and green laning on certain policies. Also, business use can be offered and unlimited mileages. Land Roverss can be covered with immediate effect and drivers under 21 can also be covered.
Why not give them a try.

There are 3 basic types of insurance policy for your 4x4:
Common Insurance Terms:
Green Card: With this card there is proof that you have insurance when you reach the border of each country. It confirms that you at least have the minimum legal insurance cover. You get the card from your insurer, but it is not required in EU member countries any more.

Excess: The amount you agree to pay yourself in the event of an insurance claim.

Brokers: They find suitable Land Rover insurance companies on your behalf. They are not always more expensive than dealing with insurance companies directly and they can often cater better for specific 4x4 insurance requirements.

No-Claims Bonus: This is the discount on your premium that an insurance company gives you when you drive without making a claim. Sometimes it's possible to pay extra to protect your bonus in the event of a claim.

Direct insurer: Your 4x4 insurance policy can be purchased directly from the insuring company. Different companies offer different specialist deals so shop around.

Agreed Value: If your land Rover has special features it may be worth more than the normal market value that the insurance company would normally pay out in the event of a claim. In this event some insurance companies will agree to pay a certain agrreed minimum amount if the vehicle is considered a write-off.

Limited Mileage: Some insurance companies will reduce your premium payments according to what mileage you agree not to exceed during the 12 months of the policy.

Voluntary excess: It may be possible to lower your premium by arranging to pay an agreed sum if there is an insurance claim.

Land Rover

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