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Series Land Rover: Rebuild or Refurbish?

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There comes a time in the lives of many Series Land Rover owners when routine service and maintenance just isn't sufficient anymore. Something more serious has to be done to sort the vehicle out to enable it to keep performing the duties it is required to do.

Finance is usually a key factor of course, but the owner's perspective upon the specification profile of their vehicle can also dictate which way the problem is approached. Is there a desire to do a complete rebuild of the vehicle, such that it appears as it would have done as it left the factory? Or, simply a wish to refurbish all the aspects of the Land Rover that are no longer upto the standard that is required. Perhaps there's an interest in incorporating additional features such as an electric fan, electronic ignition or a non-standard engine so that the vehicle may more easily accomplish the tasks it is asked to perform.

Series Land Rover owners range widely in their attitude towards vehicle specification profiles. There are those who would not allow a metric fastening to be used anywhere on their vehicle whilst others will allow any modification/addition which has utility value. Most owners fall somewhere between these two extremes.

Series Land Rover

Photos courtesy of Liveridge 4x4 Ltd

Series Land Rover

Prospective Series Land Rover owners will also display a range of views towards the specifications of the vehicle they are searching for. The more specific the requirements, the more difficult it is likely to be to find the optimum vehicle. Time to consider seeking the help of a professional refurbish/restoration specialist who can source a base vehicle and transform it into the vehicle that you most desire to own. One such specialist, based in the UK is Liveridge Britsh 4x4 Ltd who have many years experience in refurbishing and restoring Land Rovers and even exporting them worldwide. If however you are sufficiently equipped and skilled to carry out the work yourself then companies like this provide probably the best source of a base vehicle for you. Visit the Liveridge Britsh 4x4 Ltd website to view a range of projects they have undertaken for various clients and see if they can assist you in achieving your own particular goal.

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