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Series Land Rovers and the New 2012 MoT Test - Part 1

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The MoT in Great Britain is undergoing changes in 2012 and some of the new items on the test procedure have already been implemented. Others are due to follow shortly. There are many additions to the new testing procedure but only some of them are applicable to classic vehicles. Some of these additions are the focus of this months homepage (part II, covering the remainder will be detailed next month). Some of the items now included in the MoT are now tested more rigorously and others are completely new to the testing schedule. So, whilst last year your Series Land Rover may have passed without issue, this year there are a few extra items you need to check on before submitting it for MoT scrutiny.

It is worth remembering that the MoT certificate only certifies that the vehicle satisfied the minimum safety and environmental requirements of the law. No dismantling was done to determine this, and the certificate does not mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the entire period that the MoT certificate is valid. Note that the general condition of the engine, clutch and gearbox are outside the scope of the MoT.

Reasons for the implementation focus yet again on European legislation extending its influence across all member nations. So the following are some additional items that you need to inspect prior to submitting your Land Rover for its MoT.

battery security
Battery security is now a testable item. So whether you have a conventional battery retainer frame or an improvished one, as shown here, it needs to be holding the battery down firmly. A cracked battery casing could also fail on the grounds of security. The battery wiring and its connection to the terminals may be subject to inspection for fraying and faulty insulation under the increased criteria for wiring inspections (covered next month).

Series Land Rover brakes
In addition to existing tests. Brakes are now subject to checks to see if they have been 'inappropriately modified' and if any component parts are insecure. The transmission brake can now also be checked for being inappropriately modified or repaired. Brake efficiency tests remain the same for this age of vehicle.

Series III dashboard
Instrument panel: The speedometer must be functional, easily readable and the illumination for it must work. Accuracy will not be assessed as a road test is not part of the MoT.

Series Land Rover headlamp
Lighting: Lights must switch on at the first attempt i.e. no tapping or fiddling of the switch required.
Tinting of lenses that restricts light output can now fail. If high intensity bulbs are fitted then they must produce no more than 2000 lumens of light intensity.

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