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June 2013 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Classic Land Rover - New Magazine

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Finally, for Series Land Rover owners especially, a new magazine has been launched; completely devoted to buying, driving and restoring pre-nineties Land Rovers and Range Rover classics. So, less skipping over pages that aren't relevent to a vehicle that doesn't have computer parts, or tearing out the only sections that you consider are worth keeping. Most of the publication will, most likely, be of actual relevance to the vehicle you own and will be worthy of being read and then filed unmolested.

Classic Land Rover magazine is intended to cater for all members and enthusiasts of the Series Land Rover scene. As the editor, John Carrrol says in his editorial comment to the first edition of the publication: "The key to this new title is that we intend to reflect the real grass routes scene across the whole spectrum - from top notch restorations to shoestring rebuilds and adventures."

A talented and knowledgeable team of writers has been assembled to supply the magazine content and the first edition carries articles specifically focussed upon the following vehicles: Series IIA 88in, Series II 88in, 80in soft-top, 101FC, Series II 88in, 109in Station Wagon, 80in trialler and a Series IIA 109in 1 Ton. Now is that relevent to your world or what?

Regular sections will be devoted to:

Tech and Toolbox - sections dedicated to comprehensive workshop and practical Land Rover tasks

Restoration features - classic Land Rovers enthusiasts have restored

Vintage Britain – ‘out and about’ in interesting corners of Great Britain in classic Series Land Rovers

Journeys - tales of adventure and accounts; off-roading and greenlaning and trips further afield to and from other continents

Club Reports - classic Land Rovers in action at both national and club events

Land Rovers for sale – free classified reader adverts section

Latest News - news from across the classic Land Rover scene including parts, politics and clubs

The first issue is already on sale and the second issue goes on sale in the UK on 5th June. For details on UK and worldwide subscriptions and obtaining back copies, visit the website devoted to the magazine at

So, if you have a Series Land Rover leafer, or early coiler, this new magazine is definately for you.

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