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Brakes are an extremely important part of any vehicle and the need to keep them in top condition is obvious. Series Land Rover brakes are not as efficient as those of modern 4x4's so there is an increased need to check and maintain them on a regular basis. Their basic design makes them easy to adjust but also means they are more susceptible to a variety of problems. Over the past few years a range of articles have been presented and subsequently archived regarding the braking system of Series Land Rovers.

The June 2009 UK homepage focussed upon a particular problem where the the Series Land Rover clutch or brake pedal could become progressively harder to depress over time. The cause is outlined and the solution suggested.

From August 2014 to January 2015 a series of 5 articles on brake problems related to Series Land Rovers was posted on the UK homepages. Each dealt with a few specifc problems. Details of each homepage and their associated articles are listed below.

August 2014 was concerned with the problems of brake squeal and brake bind. Describing how each problem is characterised, how they may be caused and the remedies possible to cure them.

September 2014 dealt with problems associated with brake pedal excessive travel and sponginess. The causes of each fault where discussed and remedies outlined for curing the problems.

October 2014 focussed upon problems related to the need for excessive brake pedal pressure and brakes pulling to one side. The need for firm pressure on the brake pedal of Series Land Rovers is well known but if the need becomes excessive then something is wrong. As with any brake issue, pulling the vehicle to one side, is a potentially dangerous problem. Both problems were outlined and solutions suggested.

November 2014 dealt with servicing, repair and improvement of the Series Land Rover transmission brake. Topics concerned with the transmission brake included the problem of the lever slipping off its ratchet, lever movement problems and various causes and remedies for the transmission brake being ineffective.

Dec 2014/Jan 2015 was all about brake bleeding procedure - a well known potential nightmare for Series Land Rover owners. Strategies are suggested for a successful approach and some less common causes of a spongy brake pedal are listed.

Archived Brake Articles From Foreign Homepages
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1. Bleeding brakes
The June 2008 USA homepage was devoted to tips and strategies that may be used for bleeding the brakes

2. Re-lining brake shoes
The February USA homepage describes how the brake linings can be re-lined instead of raplacing the entire brake shoes

3. Brake linings
The April 2011 USA homepage lists some brake problems that may be attributed to the brake linings

4. Braking system
The March 2007 Australian homepage gave an outline of the braking system and possible faults for Series Land Rovers. It included a basic summary of how the braking system changed over the years as the vehicles developed. It also included a range of various faults that drivers may experience and where the possible causes of those faults may lie.

5. Brake pipes
The May 2010 Australian homepage focussed upon Series Land Rover brake pipes; comparing the original steel pipes with their popular modern copper replacements. Important points regarding the fitting of replacement brake pipes were mentioned and the use of a flaring tool.


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