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Celebrating Sixty Years of the Series Land Rover

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The first pilot production Series I Land Rovers were displayed at the Amsterdam motor show in April 1948. The first Series I's were delivered a few months later with a launch price of £450. The Land Rover story does not just involve the legendary Series I, II and III vehicles of course. A selection of a few books outlining the whole product development story is listed below. Selecting any one will take you to the pages where a wider selection of books, videos and DVD's are described in more detail and they can all be purchased online.

The Land Rover: 60 Years of the 4x4 Workhorse
Its sixty years of development are lovingly and accurately charted in this most comprehensive of all "Land Rover" books, the first one ever to look at the total story from the Series 1 onwards.

Land Rover: 60 Years of Adventure
This beautifully produced book tells the full story of all Land Rover models from the Series 1 through a wealth of stunning colour images, many previously unpublished.

Land Rover: The Incomparable 4x4 from Series 1 to Defender (Ludvigsen Library Series)
The brainchild of Maurice Wilks of the Rover Motor Company as Britain's answer to the Jeep, the Series I Land-Rover made its first appearance in 1948. It was more versatile than the Jeep, making it an ideal farming and countryside vehicle. A wealth of different body styles and wheelbase lengths soon enriched the range of this popular off-roader, as did diesel and even V-8 engines. The Series 2 version was introduced in 1958 and the Series 3 in 1971. Special forward-control and military versions only increased the range of tasks this amazing vehicle could accomplish. Rare and original photos of this 4x4 over half a century, amplified by an introduction by ""Landie"" expert Paul Woods.

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