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The Series IIA & III Lightweight Land Rover

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This model of Series Land Rover was originally designed to meet a then need of the military; for a fighting vehicle which could be air lifted into combat zones. The critical factor for the weight was the maximum lifting capacity of the current military helicopters. It wasn't possible for Rover to design a complete Series IIA to meet these stringent weight specifications. The problem was solved by producing a fully serviceable Land Rover, stripped of non-essential items, like doors, windscreen and rear seats. The additional items could be dropped separately and fitted quickly when time permitted.
This type of Land Rover differs from the other Series 2 and 3 SWB counterparts by being narrower, as there was a Ministry of Defense requirement that the vehicle width should not exceed 60 inches .

The military and the Rover company referred to these Series Land Rovers as the Half Ton Land Rover because part of the military specification was that they should be capable of towing a half ton trailer.
The term 'Lightweight' was adopted for it's later civilian use. The Series IIA version was in production from 1968 to 1972 and about 3,000 were manufactured. Some were fitted with radio kits (known as FFR Land Rovers).

The Series III version is distinguishable by headlights in the wings (though later Series IIA's also had them) and an all synchromesh gearbox, new clutch, servo assisted brakes and an alternator instead of a dynamo. It remained in production until 1984, and although it is not known how many were produced in total, it is thought to be about 11,000.

Very few Lightweights were produced with diesel engines and these were for specific overseas orders.

Series Land Rover Lightweight

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