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Upgrades for the Series II & III Land Rover 2286cc Engine

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The standard 2286cc petrol engine powering the Series II, IIA or III Land Rover typically develops 115 of torque and 67 bhp of power . This engine is now seriously under-powered for todays roads and traffic conditions and stuggles to compete with modern 4x4's offroad.
The engine however, was generously engineered by Land Rover and aspects of it can be re-manufactured to produce more toque and/or power. In this regard, Automotive Component Remanufacturing Ltd have pioneered the Power Plus © range of performance tuning parts for the owner of a Series Land Rover.
The cylinderhead can be re-manufactured to both increase the compression ratio to 9:1 and improve the rate of air flow through the inlet and exhaust ports.
A re-designed camshaft can give a higher rate of valve acceleration and lift and produce increased torque at all engine speeds.
A modified tubular exhaust manifold can allow Series Land Rover exhaust gases to escape more efficiently and lead to an increase in fuel economy and more power.
A Series Land Rover was originally fitted with a Solex or Zenith carburettor and replacement of this with an HS6 SU carburettor,together with a more efficient air filter and re-designed inlet manifold enhances engine performance significantly.

ACR Ltd offer a wide range of re-manufactured engines and power upgrades for Land Rovers .............. More details

Series Land Rover camshaft

Series Land Rover cylinderhead


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