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'BETSY'; Karin's 1958 Series II Land Rover

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Karin has discovered that this Series Land Rover was built on 16th December 1958 with a 2 litre petrol engine installed and the bodywork painted grey. A particular feature of this Land Rover's bodywork, which it still retains, is it's one-piece doors: Apparently these doors were provided for the Canadian market and some other Series Land Rovers were also fitted with them to use up surplus stock.

The vehicle was then subsequently registered on 1st January 1959 and sold to the Swain family and was used daily on their farm in Shropshire. After some time the relatively thirsty 2 litre petrol engine was changed for a diesel for ecomonic reasons and this Series 2 Land Rover then remained with the Swain family for a total of 37 years.

Such a long stay in one home is not the norm for a Series Land Rover and 'Betsy' has had a more typical recent Land Rover history; having been homed twice since 1995 to owners who required her to tow horseboxes and boats.

Betsy now lives with Karin's family where she is utilised as a daily run around and for treats is taken to shows and scout camps. She has visited her original family from Shropshire and the reunion was a joyous one.

Karin intends to restore the original grey colour to the bodywork whilst retaining the hardtop as it is. If you are visiting a Land Rover show then check out the Series 2 Club stand and you might find Betsy there. Karin is the Series 2 Club's North West area organiser and can be contacted through the Series 2 Club website.

Series II Land Rover


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