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September 2008 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Derek Spooner's 86" Series 1 Land Rover Station Wagon

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This Land Rover left the Rover factory on 5th September 1955 and was dispatched to Birmingham. Some three days later it was registered as being sold by a Rover dealer to an owner based in Warwick. Then, in 1960, this fine example of a Series 1 Land Rover was passed on to his son and was in continuous use until 1987. During this period of time the Land Rover was used entirely on estates for shooting and fishing and is believed to have covered in excess of 66,000 miles.

Derek acquired the Land Rover in September 1987 and he is still in the process of restoring it. The chassis and bulkhead have already been repaired and galvanised and the axles rebuilt. The original engine has been overhauled and during this process it was discovered that the engine had dropped a valve, or something similar, at some point in its history because there was damage to the combustion chamber.

The vehicle still seems to have its original Series 1 gearbox, axles and most of its original bodywork.

Derek had a problem trying to match the trim material for a refurbishement as the original blue was not available but he was able to use some original 1956 style Series 1 Land Rover grey material ('Elephant Hide').
The paint work is not the
original grey but is a close match.

The gearbox was rebuilt in 2005 as it was becoming noisy and jumping out of 3rd gear. The selector forks showed a lot of wear.

This well travelled Series 1 has attended Land Rover rallys in Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway.

Derek is treasurer and international liaison officer for the Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC) and can be contacted via the ALRC website

Thanks also to Denis Bourne, chairman of ALRC.

Series  1 Land Rover station wagon


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