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October/November 2008 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Andrew Neaves' 1948 Series 1 with Brockhouse Trailer

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This is a fine example of an early production Series I Land Rover; being number 184 off the production line on 17th September 1948. With the exception of the nearside wing, it also retains many of its original components i.e. gearbox and axles and, importantly it still drives around using its original Series 1 Land Rover 1,595cc engine.The engine has recently been treated to a full rebuild as the oil consumption and corresponding smoke screen was becoming a little excessive. The rebuild required the stitching of five cracks in the block which is very common for these early side plate Series I engines.
The chassis has a number of period patches which it has acquired during its life and these were retained during its last refurbishment in 1997. These days there is a tendency to either rebuild a Series Land Rover to levels that seem better that the original factory output or to "as found" but just running condition. This Series I Land Rover falls in-between these two extremes in that it is very clean and tidy yet looking at the bodywork there are strong hints of its history over the last sixty years.

Andrew has been the custodian of 184 for just over nineteen years and it was once in very regular use but since 1998 is has been mainly on the show circuit.

The Brockhouse Trailer which Andrew attaches to his Series I is, as yet, of uncertain date but is pre 1955 and has a capacity of 15cwt (we didn't do kg at the time the Series Land Rover was born!).
This Brockhouse Trailer was the only trailer approved by the Rover company at the time. They were sold as an accessory and purchased through the Land Rover dealer when the order for the vehicle was placed. Andrew acquired this trailer from the Measham sale and was one of a batch supplied to the Home Office for civil defence use. It is understood they were possibly supplied as communications trailers with ladders and cable reels but were then converted with additional brackets to carry hoses and ladders.

Andrew is the CCMSA co-ordinator for the Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC) and can be contacted via the ALRC website

Thanks also to Denis Bourne, chairman of ALRC.

Brockhouse trailer


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