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Land Rover Shows 2009

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The show season is about to get under way and hopefully you will be attending at least one of them with your own Series Land Rover. This year will see a shift in the centre of gravity of the show venues towards the north, with Land Rover Max making its debute at Newark, Notts. So, the traditionally high concentration of Series Land Rovers in the north will get more convenient access to a major show.

It becomes a long day when you can only attend for either the Saturday or Sunday of the show in a Series Land Rover that struggles to get much above 50mph. Also, for the campers especially, it always requires some serious logistics to get a family on the road and arriving at the camp site before dark.

Regular showgoers know that there is a very good chance of finding that elusive Series Land Rover part or the accessory you have been searching for. It's also an opportunity for checking out what others have done to modify, improve and maintain their vehicles. Great place to get new ideas and to help out fellow enthusiasts.You won't find a larger congregation of dedicated Series Land Rover owners and their vehicles anywhere else. See you there.

If you take your Series Land Rover offroad then it is worth noting that both the Land Rover Max and Manby shows have their offroad courses actually onsite.

  • Heritage Land Rover Weekend, Gaydon, Warks 2nd-3rd May
  • Driffield Show, Yorks 9th-10th May
  • Land Rover World Eastnor Show, Herefordshire 6th-7th June
  • Manby Land Rover Show, Lincs 26th-28th June
  • Billing Show, Northants 17th-19th July
  • Land Rover Max Show, Notts 17th-19th July
  • Peterborough Show, Northants 12th-13th September


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