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Steve Graham's 'One Ton' Series III Land Rover

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Back in 1999, Steve found the 1 ton whilst at the Old Sodbury Sort Out just outside Harrogate. He had his Land Rover Series 111 number 00001 on the Series 111 club stand at the time and had travelled down with his friend David, who owns the first production Series 1, when someone recognized them and shouted across that all they needed now was the first Series 11 and you have a set. At that, a voice popped up and shouted "I have the first Series 111 one ton if you want it". A few hours later it was Steve's and a full restoration was soon planned.
Steve wanted to try to make it concours and save as much of the original as possible but still be good enough to compete against cars in concours events.

The 1 ton is a rare beast of the Series Land Rover marque, there being only approximately 275 Series IIa's and 475 Series III's; they were designed for extra load capacity. They were never a good seller in reality, as they were slow, thirsty and had a harsh ride. The 1 ton has a similar chassis to the military 109 but not exactly the same as it has the extended spring shackles, 6 cylinder engine (all but a very few) and a low ratio box. Basically it's a forward control with a standard 109 body fitted. Being the first, it had a lot of Series IIa parts carried over, such as the box-welded chassis and the env axles front and back. Steve managed to save the chassis (required lots of work), the engine and gearbox, both axles, and although the bulkead was built out of a 4cyl one, Steve cut all the good parts from the original and welded them in. The bodywork was not too bad but did require some new panels.

This particular Series Land Rover was bought new by GK Kennings in a bulk order to be used by their main agents around the country as a recovery truck. It took 3 years to restore to its present condition and has won many awards and has even been driven to Sweden . Since the restoration it has covered about 6 thousand miles and been trouble-free, needing only a broken spark plug and a leaking core plug replacing.
Thanks Steve.

One Ton Land Rover


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