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Construct a Ride-on Model Series Land Rover

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You can make your very own Series I or Series II Land Rover Toylander model from parts, in 50/60 hours, plus painting time. This would be creative way of utilising your workshop practical skills to produce a vehicle that would compliment your existing full-size version.

12mm plywood or MR MDF is used for the body and when it is completed the model Land Rover should be capable of being driven by children aged 3 and above and even an adult.

Each of the Toylander model Series Land Rovers feature forward and reverse gear, a foot and hand brake, horn,lights; a folding screen and an opening tailgate. The models are designed to be powered by either one or two electric motors. The overall design is such that the models will outlast several generations of drivers. You will have built a family heirloom and furthered the Land Rover cause.

To facilitate the building these models, Toylander supply plans and paper patterns for the plywood body. There is also a build manual which is full of instructions, photos and drawings so that you can make your own steel parts if you wish. The manual gives assembly details, how to bolt on the running gear (no chassis required), wire up the electrics, apply the detail and complete your model.

The assembly is straightforward and all the necessary parts are available from Toylander individually, in small packs or complete kits. You could even customise your own build if you so wished. But do not fear, all parts, including some ready cut body panels, are available from stock.

Kits have already been exported to 30+ countries
"I have enjoyed making it and have gained a lot of satisfaction from it."( Australia)
"I really enjoyed the build." (New Zealand).

In addition to the Series Land Rover models, Toylander also supply build kits for a trailer, a veteran Mayfair car, a WWI replica Jeep and a tractor. Visit the Toylander website for more details

Toylander 1 .. Based on the Land Rover® series 1: 1948

Ride-on Land Rover
Toylander 2 .. Based on the Land Rover® series 2: 1958


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