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Series I Land Rovers were first fitted with the 1,595cc overhead inlet, side exhaust valve engine. This was later upgraded to the 1,997cc engine of the same construction but having the cylinder bore increased from 69.5mm to 77.8mm. The compression ratio remained the same at 6.9:1.
At the end of Series I production a 2,052cc diesel engine was offered.
Series II models saw the introduction of the 2,286cc overhead valve petrol engine. Series IIA models offered the 2,286cc diesel engine as an option and midway through Series IIA production the 2,625cc 6-cylinder engine was offered for LWB models. Towards the end of Series II production a V8 engine was available.

The July 2007 UK homepage discusses the development idea of the 2litre petrol engine with particular reference to its 1.6litre predecessor.

The August 2007 UK homepage focuses upon the 2286cc 3-bearing engine. It refers to its development from the 2 litre Series Land Rover diesel engine and includes some of its specifications and characteristics.

The September 2007 UK homepage describes the development of the "2.3litre" 5-bearing engine version of the 2286cc petrol and diesel engine. Some important modifications to the engine are described.

The May 2008 UK homepage lists possible Series Land Rover engine upgrades available from ACR Ltd aimed at significantly improving the performance of the standard 2286cc petrol engine.

Archived Engine Articles From Foreign Homepages
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The August 2007 USA homepage outlines the development of the 2litre Series Land Rover diesel engine. This was a completely new engine design and was first fitted to the series I models.

The October 2007 USA homepage describes the development and characteristics of the Rover 2.6litre engine that was first used in Rover cars in 1958 and then subsequently adapted for Land Rover use.

The August 2008 USA homepage describes an outline strategy for removing a petrol or diesel engine from a Series Land Rover.

The June 2007 Australian homepage briefly describes the introduction, development and specifications of the 1.6litre Series Land Rover engine.

The July 2007 Australian homepage compares the two versions of the 2 litre engine - the "siamese-bore" engine "spread-bore" engine that replaced it.

The August 2007 Australian homepage outlines the development of the 2.25litre diesel engine (3-bearing) fitted to Series Land Rovers as a replacement to the 2 litre diesel engine.

The September 2007 Australian homepage outlines the development of the 2.25litre diesel engine (5-bearing) fitted to Series Land Rovers as a replacement to the 2.25litre diesel 3-bearing version.

The October 2007 Australian homepage describes the development and specifications of the Series III V8 3.5litre petrol engine.

The July 2008 Australian homepage lists what engine repairs are generally possible whilst the engine is still fitted to the vehicle.

The August 2008 Australian homepage describes a general strategy for dismantling a Series Land Rover engine after it has been removed from the vehicle.

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