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Personal Land Rovers

Vehicle Description Homepage Date
Hetty: 1973 SIII
Oct 2001
1956 SI 86" Douglas Anderson
Feb 2002
Jean Pierre's Minerva Series 1 in Belgium
Feb 2003
Peter Williams' 1955 86" Series I Land Rover "FRU"
Sept 2004
Giles Warham's 1958 Land Rover Series I
Dec 2004
Pieter Fourie's 1955 Land Rover Series I
Feb 2005
Roberto Hirth's 1951 Land Rover Series I
Apr 2005
'Pollyanna': Barbara Toy's 1950 Series I Land Rover SWB
Dec 2005
Giles Warham's 1958 Land Rover Series I : Re-visited
Sept 2006
Paul Walton's 1952 Series I 80" Land Rover; Mildred
Aug 2008
Derek Spooner's 86" Series 1 Land Rover Station Wagon
Sept 2008
Andrew Neaves' 1948 Series 1 with Brockhouse Trailer
Oct/Nov 2008
Steve Graham's 1970 Series III Diesel Land Rover
Jan 2009
Steve Graham's 'One Ton' Series III Land Rover
May 2009
Maurice Thurman's Series III SWB
Dec 2009
James Ferguson's 1975 Land Rover Series III (6 cyl)
Feb 2010
Chris Cowdrey's phenomenally modified 1963 SIIA SWB
Mar 2002
Lewis Nodes' Land Rover Series 2A 12 seater
Mar 2003
James Hooper's 1963 Land Rover Diesel Series 2a
May 2003
Shaun Murphy's Lilly: a 1964 Series 2a long wheel base Land Rover
Nov 2003
Andy Reeve's Helga, a 1961 Series Two SWB Land Rover
Apr 2004
'BETSY'; Karin's 1958 Series II Land Rover
July 2008
Scott Humphris' 1971 Ex Military Series IIA LWB Land Rover Pickup
Mar 2009
John Horne's Series IIA Land Rover Campervan
Sept 2009
'Project Bertha': Rikki & Lucy's Series Land Rover Restoration
Sept 2010


Johan Helsingius' military 109 SIII Carawagons
May 2002
John Vale's ex-miltary Series 3 (Bungle)
June 2002
Andrew's Series 3 LWB 2.25 diesel (Xanadu)
July 2002
Mathew Chatfield's Jessica: the ex-Royal Air Force 1980 Series III Land-Rover
Aug 2002
Rafe Aldridge's 1971 SIII Lightweight
Oct 2002
Jeremy Bromley's Larry: a 1974 Land Rover Series III 88"
Nov 2002
Lois Neal"s Series 3 SWB diesel
Jan 2003
Hue: Simon Dove's 1975 Land Rover Series III SWB Diesel.
Apr 2003
"Cartman"; Paul Maidment's Land Rover Series 3
June 2003
Daniel Warden's Series 3 Land Rover
July 2003
Nathan Chantrell's Life with a Series 3 Land Rover
Sept 2003
Todd Jackson's Series III SWB Land Rover exported from the UK to Sweden.
May 2004
Richard Marsden's ex-MOD Series 3 109" Land Rover
June 2004
Chris Jones' Military Series 3 109 Land Rover
Aug 2004
Gromit: Jack Grover's 1982 Land Rover Series III
May 2005
Phil Hopson's story of "The Green Landy"
June 2005
Richard Tye's Series 3 Short Wheel Base Diesel Land Rover
Aug 2005
Ronny Jacobsen's Land Rover, 109 inch, Stationwagon, 2.25 Petrol, 1980.
Oct 2006
Mick Forster's LWB SIII Land Rover
Nov 2009
Giles Warham's 1976 101FC
Sept 2002
GRUMble: Martyn Bailey's 101 Forward Control Land Rover
Dec 2002
Ian Neal's Land Rover 101 Forward Control
Aug 2003
GRUMble Re-visited: Martyn Bailey's 101 Land Rover Forward Control
Nov 2006

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Misc Land Rovers

Vehicle Description Homepage Date
The SIIA 109 dormobile.
Jan 2002
The Land Rover Series I: A brief outline
Sept 2003
The Land Rover Series II: A brief outline
Oct 2003
The Minerva Land Rover
Mar 2004
Land Rover, Series I, II or III?
Mar 2005
Series Land Rover Dormobile Caravan
Mar 2006
Series I Land Rover 80" Models - a review of body styles
Apr 2006
Series I Land Rover 86" Models - a review of body styles
May 2006
A Brief History of the Series II & IIa Land Rovers
May 2007
A Brief History of the Series III Land Rovers
June 2007
The Series IIA & III Lightweight Land Rover
Apr 2008
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
Feb 2018
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
Mar 2018
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
Apr 2018
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
May 2018

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General interest

Topic Description Homepage Date
10 reasons for owning a Land Rover!
Nov 2001
The Land Rover Series III: A brief outline
Feb 2004
From Portugal to Billing in Series Land Rovers
July 2004
Derick Lean's Journey Through Africa in a Series III Land Rover
Nov 2004
Classic Series Land Rover Expeditions 1: The Oxford and Cambridge Far East Expedition
Sept 2005
Classic Series Land Rover Expeditions 2: Colonel Leblanc's Africa Expeditions
Oct 2005
Series Land Rovers in Military use
Feb 2006
Buying a Series II/IIa Land Rover - Buyer's guide
June 2006
Buying a Series III Land Rover - Buyer's guide
July 2006
Buying a Series I Land Rover - Buyer's guide
Aug 2006
Coil versus Leaf Springs for the Series Land Rover
Nov 2007
Celebrating Sixty Years of the Series Land Rover
Feb 2008
The Series Land Rover and Cross-Ply Tyres
June 2008
'Anti-freeze' and Your Series Land Rover
Dec 2008
Brake/Clutch Fluid and the Series Land Rover
Feb 2009
Land Rover Shows 2009
Apr 2009
Keeping the Weather Out of a Series Land Rover
July 2009
Construct a Ride-on Model Series Land Rover
Aug 2009
Land Rover Shows 2010
Mar 2010
Using the Starting Handle for the Series Land Rover
Oct 2010
Removing the Cooling Fan From a Series Land Rover
Nov 2010
Short-term Storage of a Series Land Rover
50th Anniversary: Series IIA Land Rover
May 2011
Series Land Rover: Rebuild or Refurbish?
June 2011
The Series III Land Rover's 40th Birthday
July 2011
Fairey Overdrive for a Series Land Rover
Oct 2011
Series Land Rover Winter Preparation Part I
Nov 2011
Series Land Rover Fault Diagnosis Book 
Series Land Rover Restoration
Feb 2012
Series Land Rovers and the New 2012 MoT Test - Part 1
Mar 2012
Series Land Rovers and the New 2012 MoT Test - Part 2
Apr 2012
Land Rover Series III Buyer's Guide
June 2012
Effect of Ethanol in the Petrol of Series Land Rovers
July 2012
Petrol Engine Fuel Economy
May 2013
Series Land Rover Magazine
June 2013
Freewheel Hubs
Aug 2013
The Case For Hoarding Parts for Series Land Rover Mar 2014

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Tech Topics
Topic Description Homepage Date
The Series 1,2 & 3 Land Rover Engine: Petrol (P) and Diesel (D) - Fault Diagnosis
Dec 2006
Series Land Rover Clutch System - Fault Diagnosis
Feb 2007
Series Land Rover Electrical System - Fault Diagnosis
Mar 2007
The Series Land Rover 2 litre Engine (Siamese bore)
July 2007
The Series 2 & 3 Land Rover 2.25 litre Petrol Engine (3 bearing)
Aug 2007
The Series 3 Land Rover 2.25 litre Petrol Engine (5 bearing)
Sept 2007
Wheel Alignment for the Series I, II and III Land Rover
Oct 2007
Parabolic Springs for the Series Land Rover
Dec 2007/Jan 2008
Parabolic Springs: Pros & Cons for the Series Land Rover
Mar 2008
Series II & III Land Rover 2286cc Engine Upgrades
May 2008
Brake & Clutch Pedals
June 2009
Clutch Bleeding
Oct 2009
Working With the 'Birmabright'
Jan 2009
The Cooling System
Apr 2010
Fitting a Steering Damper
May 2010
Replacing Window Seals
June 2010
July 2010
The Series Land Rover's Ignition Coil
August 2010
Petrol Engine Lacks Power
Feb 2011
Four-Wheel Drive Problems
Mar 2011
Engine Fires but Won't Start
Apr 2011
DIY Wheel Alignment Tool
Aug 2011
Wheel Alignment
Sept 2011
Door Frame Repairs
May 2012
White Exhaust Emissions From Series Land Rovers
Aug 2012
Distributor Servicing for the Series Land Rovers
Sept 2012
Problems Starting a Cold Series Land Rover Engine - Part 1
Oct 2012
Engine - misfires
Nov 2012
Engine - lacks power
Dec 2012
Engine Oil Problems
Jan 2013
Mechanical Fuel Pump Problems
Feb 2013
Diagnosing Fuel Smells
Mar 2013
Petrol Engine Idling Problem
Apr 2013
Petrol Engine Fuel Economy
May 2013
No Spark at Sparkplug
July 2013
Heater Problems
Sept 2013
Higher Compression Cylinder Head
Oct 2013
Checking Valve Clearances Nov 2013
Easier Clutch Pedal Dec2013/Jan2014
Spark plugs Feb 2014
Zenith 36IV Carburettor Problems - Part II Apr 2014
Starter Motor Problems - Maintenance & Repair May 2014
Turning Circle Problems June 2014
Propshafts Explained July 2014
Brake Problems - Part 1 Aug 2014
Brake Problems - Part 2 Sept 2014
Brake Problems - Part 3 Oct 2014
Brake Problems - Part 4 Nov 2014
Brake Problems - Part 5 Dec/Jan 2014/15
Wheels Feb 2015
Wheel-Related Problems Mar 2015
Gearbox Overhaul Apr 2015
Fault diagnosis May 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Wheels) June 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Cooling System) July 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Idling Problem) Aug 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Start Problem) Sept 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Vacuum Problem) Oct 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Vacuum Problem - Part 2) Nov 2015
Tyre Problem Diagnosis (Part 1) Dec/Jan 2015/16
Tyre Problem Diagnosis (Part 2) Feb 2016
Jumping Out of Low or High Transfer Mar 2016
Adding a Diagnostic Manual Starter Switch April 2-16
Re-visiting an Axle Problem May 2015
Fitting Additional Bonnet Prop June 2016
Common Rich Petrol/Air Mixture Problem - Part I July 2016
Common Rich Petrol/Air Mixture Problem - Part II Aug 2016
Summary of Brake Articles on Sept 2016
Summary of Gearbox Articles on Oct 2016
Summary of Clutch Articles on Nov 2016
Summary of Ignition System Articles on Dec 2016/Jan 2017
Fault Diagnosis eBook - download details Feb 2017
Summary of Steering Articles on Mar 2017
Fitting an Engine Pre-heater April 2017
Summary of Wheels Articles on May 2017
Summary of Diesel Engine Articles on June 2017
Summary of Cooling System Articles on July 2017
Summary of Cylinder Head Articles on Aug 2017
Summary of Engine Articles on Sept2017
Summary of Fuel System Articles on Oct 2017
Summary of Bodywork and Suspension articles on Nov/Dec 2017
Summary of Fault Diagnosis Exercises on Jan 2018
Diagnosis Exercise: Series Land Rover Lacking Power June 2018

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